Saturday, April 21

Weight Loss - IV

The metabolic rate increases as you achieve maturity but it's downhill from then. In fact by the age of 65, some 25% of peak force will be lost. This is almost all due to the loss of muscle mass as you age and a great contributor to this is inactivity. Thus if you reduce muscle, you reduce metabolic rate and we all know what happens next. Calorie accrual, leading to higher bodyfat levels and overall weight increases!

So, stop laying the blame squarely at your slow metabolism or your body type, and shift your focus to what can be done about it. The answer doesn't lie in a 30 min cardio session or in severely reducing calories (also known as the billion dollar industry of dieting). Stop looking to burn calories or severely reducing them. Instead help yourself in building a better body that allows you to eat more and stay lean, thus supporting your eating habits. Building muscle is perhaps the most fundamental component in staying lean. So please, use it!

Stefan Angheli

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