Monday, April 16

Live Healthy V

Use a straw.
"My patients who drink water through straws find it easier to get the recommended 8 cups a day," says Jill Fleming, M.S., R.D., author of Thin People Don't Clean Their Plates: Simple Lifestyle Choices for Permanent Weight Loss (Inspiration Presentation Press, 2005). Sipping with a straw helps you suck down water faster, encouraging you to drink more. Another stay-hydrated hint: Drop a flavor-enhancing slice of lemon or lime into your glass.

Grill a spicy burger.
Flavor your beef (or chicken or fish) with rosemary. Researchers from Kansas State University found this herb to be rich in antioxidants that help block the cancer-causing compounds that can form when you barbecue meat. And it goes without saying that rosemary makes for a better-tasting burger!

Allow yourself to give in to that caffeine craving.
According to a study from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, a moderate dose of caffeine could jump-start your libido. Researchers studied animal behavior and discovered that caffeine likely stimulated the part of the brain regulating arousal, which motivated females to have sex more frequently: A similar effect in humans is probable only in women who don't drink coffee regularly. If that's you, try ordering an espresso after a romantic dinner and see whether sparks fly.

Rent Wedding Crashers one more time.
We all know that laughter is the best medicine, but it turns out that even anticipating a laugh can boost feel-good hormones (endorphins) by almost 30 percent. What's more, its effects appear to last up to 24 hours, according to researcher Lee S. Berk of California's Loma Linda University. Go see a comedian, or TiVo a funny television show like My Name is Earl and watch it over and over again.