Saturday, April 21

Weight Loss - III

Bodybuilding women on the other hands, especially those that appear in magazines are on a very tough diet and strength program and some even supplement with the illegal steroid: testosterone. Testosterone is a predominantly male hormone and is not plentiful in women. In fact males have around 18 times the testosterone of women. Without it, your body has a hard time building lean muscle mass. With all this talk of muscle you may be wondering what advantage will having more muscle bring apart from being stronger? Lets face it, when are you ever going to be required to lift a 50 kg object?

Apart from increasing strength, preventing osteoporosis (which two in three women will develop and 3 out of four guys) and other health related benefits which even go so far as to conditioning the heart and the respiratory system, building muscle is an essential part in controlling bodyfat. Yes, if you want to lose bodyfat and more specifically keep it off forever, you need to perform muscle building exercises such as weight or resistance training.
It does that by allowing your body to burn more calories, so that less excess calories remain to be stored, usually as bodyfat. You see muscle is a vital component in your body's furnace. Basically the more muscle you have, the more furnaces you have operating in burning energy or food. In fact putting on around 0.5 kg of muscle will allow you to eat an extra 300 calories per week without affecting your weight. This inevitably allows you to control bodyfat by allowing you to eat more and still stay lean. Yes, you'll be able to eat more, stay lean and feeling great.
No way you say?

Surveys from the Australian Bureau of Statistics* have confirmed this. They discovered that men with body mass index (BMI) see our calculator) in the acceptable range reported having the largest intakes of energy as well as most vitamins and minerals. Conversely obese males reported the smallest intakes of energy. Wow, how's that for radical thinking! So I know you love to eat, everybody does?
Still not convinced?

That's the reason 100 kg bodybuilders eat two chickens, one kilo of rice, twenty egg whites and seven rolls plus 2 protein shakes and that's just his desert, yet they're still leaner that you and even me. Clearly, muscle mass is proportional to metabolic rate. The more active muscle you have the more calories you burn throughout the day.

We've all heard of metabolism and metabolic rate. (This is the energy expenditure that the body undergoes continuously, even at rest. This energy is burned in order to keep your body functioning normally.) With that usually comes the misguided thinking that we were just born with a slow metabolism. When you increase muscle mass you increase metabolism. Since most of our day is spent at rest, on the couch or at a desk, by simply having more muscle, literally on you, you burn more calories compared to your less muscular self. More muscle, more calories burned. It's as simple as that.

Conversely, this also means that those with a high bodyfat level, have a lower metabolic rate and therefore burn less calories. They burn less calories while driving, sitting, walking, or whatever the activity. They burn less calories when compared to an identical individual, at the same weight but with lower bodyfat.
So as you can see it's a win-win proposition. GET MORE MUSCLE !!!


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