Monday, April 16

Live Healthy IV

Beat stress by holding hands.
Sounds a bit hokey, we agree, but a new study from the University of Virginia and the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that married women under stress were soothed by holding their husbands' hands. What's more, the happier the marriage, the calmer they felt.

Add beans to your diet.
When eaten regularly, any type of bean can dramatically lower your risk of breast cancer. So put a handful of garbanzo beans into your salad, toss some pinto beans in with your rice, make a pot of minestrone (mix kidney beans in with broccoli, kale or your favorite cruciferous vegetable) -- all contain beneficial compounds that protect against cancer.

Assess what's in your medicine cabinet.
A recent nationwide survey of more than 2,000 people found that nearly half have unknowingly taken a medication past its expiration date. Make a point to check dates before you take anything; it's easy to lose track. Better yet, when you buy a drug, highlight or circle the expiration date right on the package, so it's instantly visible each time you reach for a pill.

Get a massage on your insurance company.
Not only are health-insurance providers recognizing the benefits of alternative remedies such as massages, acupuncture, nutritional supplements and yoga, but more of them are actually offering discounts for them.

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