Sunday, April 15

Details of Flexibility Training

Like aerobic endurance and muscle strength, flexibility provides anti-aging benefits. I'll want you let you know this. (The Department of Kinesiology and Health at Georgia State University)

Who: Everyone can learn to stretch, regardless of age or flexibility
When: ANY time is a good time

  • In the morning
  • After sitting or standing for long periods
  • Any time you feel tense or stiff
  • At odd times like watching T.V., reading, or sitting and talking
Why: As you age, your muscles tighten and range of motion in a joint can be minimized. This can put a halt to active lifestyles and even hinder day- to- day , normal motions. A regular stretching program can help lengthen your muscles and restore youthful activity.
  • To relax your mind and "tune up" your body
  • To preserve range of motion
  • To maintain flexibility
  • To prevent injury during exercise
  • To prepare the muscles for more vigorous activity
  • To help develop body awareness
  • To promote circulation
Frequency: At least 3 days per week
Intensity: To a position of mild discomfort
Duration: Hold stretch for 10 seconds working up to 30 seconds
Repetitions: Perform 3-5 for each stretch
  • Stretch slowly and smoothly;
  • Never bounce
  • Maintain normal breathing during each movement
  • Focus attention on muscle being stretched; try to limit movement in other body parts
  • Feel the stretch, but don’t strain by stretching too far

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